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by admin on September 23, 2010

MLM Marketing: To make matters worse, companies are continuing the trend of relieving themselves of the burden of providing a future nestegg for their employees. For example, virtually all new companies and many established ones are leaving pensions out of their benefits packages and demanding at least some employee contribution to increasingly expensive health plans – leaving the door open to shift more of that burden to the employee in the future. Where they do have a 401k and other retirement related plans, employers programs generally include or depend upon employee contributions as their foundation.

All of this comes against the backdrop of what the increasing cost of retirement will be for today’s workers.

Many of those facing retirement are staring yet another new reality in the face: the decline in interest rates and investment revenue has already begun to squeeze people who thought they had enough squirreled away for a comfortable retirement. MLM Marketing

Recent studies have also shown a dramatic reversal in what had been a trend to more leisure time. For years unions fought for shorter hours in the working day and even for fewer days in the work week. But a fewer studies released over the past few years revealed that people are working longer hours than ever.

Even though not all of those additional hours are spent in the office, the traditional employee is taking more and more work home. The pressure to work hard to keep ones job or to get ahead in companies with fewer and fewer advancement opportunities has been enormous.
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