Making less and enjoying it less

by admin on September 22, 2010

MLM Marketing: For those lucky enough to still have jobs in this economy, there has been an accelerating trend toward cuts in benefits and wage increases. After inflation, the average U.S. worker is making 14 percent less than he or she did in 1979.
During the past two years alone, the median family income has actually dropped from $37,579 to $35,939, according to the census bureau.

Traditional perks are also falling by the wayside one by one, again increasing the need of the employee to dig deeper into his or her own pocket to maintain a certain lifestyle often using credit cards. Which only compound the problem. From company cars and club memberships to free employee parking and even personal use of frequent flyer miles (witness the recent first-ever prosecution of a former employee for “stealing” frequent flyer miles from his company) the advantage and rewards of working as a long time employee of one company are gradually dwindling. MLM Marketing

All of this has led to an unprecedented level of dissatisfaction by employees with their work situation. And if you don’t think people are unhappy with their jobs, check out this stat from a twelve year study done by the bureau of labor statistics: by age twenty nine the average worker has held nearly eight jobs and worked an average of thirty six weeks a year since the age of eighteen. MLM Marketing

And naturally with people moving more and more from one job to another, fewer of the traditional long term benefits like retirement plans will be secured by those people.

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