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by admin on September 27, 2010

MLM Marketing: Sometimes, it seems, an individual earning $1,200 per month wont try an income opportunity unless they have been told that the opportunity offers an earning potential of $100,000 per month – even if the chances of achieving it are less than one in a million. One wonders if people stop and think when they hear these high potential income claims.

Fact not potential

If a company claims that you can earn over eight thousand dollars with eighty-nine sales. In fact, in the first two months there were several dozen distributors who indeed earned over eight thousand dollars. It would be proper for that company to say, “we had x number of distributors who have earned in excess of eight thousand dollars in the first two months.” This is stating a face, it is less proper to insinuate that you too can earn eight thousand dollars. MLM Marketing

Some programs are prone to income claims, one such example would be deep level matrix programs. In this type of program, it is very easy to calculate the number of sales needed to fill a sales organization and the income a filled sales organization and the income a filled sales organization would produce. For example, in a 2 x 12 matrix, to have a filled matrix would require 8,190 distributors actively purchasing or selling the product/service without any holes in the sales organization.

Although there have been larger sales organizations than this in certain types of programs, as far as I know, no one – not even the myself – has ever perfectly filled a 2 x 12 matrix. MLM Marketing

Because these claims are not illegal, you may encounter several examples of income claims during your search for an appropriate MLM. Be advised that as a consumer you must be aware and use good business sense and logic.

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