Networking Explosion

by admin on September 25, 2010

MLM Marketing: The question remains, is it networking that’s right for you?

MLM is the last bastion of the free enterprise system, and it takes people from all walks of life it does not discriminate.

Network marketing is appearing in many new forms. The following companies are reported to be either part of a MLM network or establishing their own; SPRINT, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette, GM, Ford, Visa, Lipton, Scotts, Johnson & Murphy, Canon, Magnovox, Sharp, Del Monte, Smith Corona, and Xerox.

It’s a billion dollar industry that hasn’t been viewed strategically by industry as a whole. Little by little, big companies are finding out they can harness it. It will generate results. MLM Marketing

Several experts interviewed agreed that MLM can work for many people but shouldn’t be seen as a get rich quick scheme. For most people in America, five hundred dollars a month would save their life. Network marketing is not a get rich quick type of business, it takes nine months for a baby to be born… this business is no different. MLM Marketing

Just two hundred dollars a month would prevent 80% of all personal bankruptcies, claims Linda Marshall of Elysee. She agrees people shouldn’t jump in with expectations of making lots of money in a hurry. She see’s it as a two year process before people start making big money. MLM Marketing

This isn’t a free lunch industry, the people who succeed at this business work hard at it but those are the individuals that get what they want.

MLM Marketing

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