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by admin on September 26, 2010

MLM Marketing: In order to be motivated and productive, a network marketing leader requires a lot of interaction with people. They crave new contacts, meeting new people and making new friends.

They are clearly team players, and their business building efforts are fueled by their desire to create and be part of a growing, successful organization. The prestige and public image of their organizations (and their company affiliations) are very important to them.

Acceptance, belonging and recognition are high up on the value chart of network leaders. If they feel they are not part of the team (not invited to meetings or not included in decision making) and if they are not encouraged to grow in power and status and supported by their company and up line sponsors, then they will go elsewhere. Considering their proactive bias, if they are unrecognized and or under appreciated for too long, they will either get what they want or move on very quickly.

To keep an network marketing leader happy and productive, give them: daily challenges, opportunities for innovation, results oriented projects, direct and to the point communication and above all freedom from rules, regulations, details, and anything that smacks of conventional, status quo or business as usual. MLM Marketing

Decision making styles encompass a range of abilities: logic, intellect, and analytical mind, perception, feelings and intuition. Network marketing leaders will use all of these and more but when it comes down to making choices, they lead with their gut and heart.MLM Marketing

Networking leaders are intuitive decision makers. They rely on their subjective skills. This same style is also typified by the salesperson, the counselor, and others involved in predominantly people oriented professions.

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