The time is right for an MLM revolution

by admin on September 22, 2010

MLM Marketing: The stories never stop. From the tales of legendary Amway distributors who made millions for themselves and others, to the horror stories of couples who gave up well-paying jobs only to lose everything when they went into business together as Meadow Fresh Farms Distributors.

And guess what, they are both true. Just as in all walks of life, there are successes and failures in multi-level marketing.

Just as in life, your own experience, if you choose to take a chance at MLM, will likely fall somewhere in between.

One thing is certain, the economic climate today is conducive to network marketing. It is a time when low-cost opportunities to make extra cash are needed like they have never been needed before. MLM Marketing

People are hurting. Layoffs are running at record rates for people at all levels of the economic strata. Many are looking not only for new jobs, but for ways to supplement income in order to build up some savings in case they are next to lose their jobs.

In my experience around ten percent of those who enter the world of MLM wind up successful at it. Even the brashest of firms rarely boast of success rates higher than ten percent. This blog is here to make you part of that ten percent.

Many successful converts to direct sales are frequently people who already have some standing in their communities. People who have been in politics or highly respected professions like medicine can do well. “Esteemed members of the community have high visibility and high credibility and can sell more easily”

See Getting Professionals into Your MLM Down line

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