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by admin on September 24, 2010

MLM Marketing: Network marketing and direct marketing often booms during periods of corporate downsizing. I cant think of a time when I’ve seen this many people out of work or about to be laid off. As more and more middle or high level managers get put out onto the street, they begin to look for something they can call their own, in part to make sure no one can ever lay them off again and in part because it may be difficult or impossible to find the kind of position they left. The sad truth is a lot of these jobs Americans are losing today cant and wont be replaced. MLM Marketing

With a reputation for bringing product to the customer, MLM has been experiencing a boom. the direct selling association in New York reports that 5.1 million people are now in some form of direct selling activity. They are said to deal with $12.96 billion in sales around the world. Nearly three hundred MLM companies account for more than half of those sales, and that number is growing. MLM Marketing

During this decade, the number of people forty-five and older will grow by more than eighteen million, while the number of eighteen to the thrity-four year old may deline, according to American demographics magazine. The magazine further speculates that the graying of the population contributed to the recession by reducing demand for youth oriented products, which have dominated our marketplace. MLM Marketing

MLM is the last bastion of the free enterprise system and it take people from all walks of life.. the school teacher, the corporate president and the cab driver.. all personality types.

MLM Marketing

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