ABC Technique

by admin on October 28, 2010

Would you ever try to pour hot coffee into a thermos with the lid still on? Could you put a dvd into your dvd player if it already had a disc in it?

Of course not. Unfortunately, the way that most people prospect for MLM partners makes about as much sense.

For many years, you’ve all been taught to call up your friends and try to get them to come to an opportunity meeting, at least read some information, or watch a video about your MLM opportunity. To do anything different would be going against the number one commandment of your industry- duplicate what works. In other words, “thou shalt not try to reinvent the wheel”.

first, you must remember that when you propose your opportunity, you are offering a business opportunity. It is a chance at being a true entrepreneur. Secondly, you are proposing that your prospect get involved with multi-level marketing. In other words, you have at least one, probably two, major challenges here- challenges you must overcome before you can even think about proposing your specific opportunity. These challenges, nine time out of ten, are the reasons why your prospects wont even look at your opportunity.

Surveys indicate that about 85 percent of all working Americans would like to own their own businesses if they could. In other words, if all obstacles were removed, they would prefer to be their own boss rather than work for someone else.

This amounts to approximately 160 million people. These are your MLM prospects. Now, when 160 million people want to do something and don’t do it, there must be a good reasons.

When asked why they don’t go into business for themselves, people usually come up with one or more of the following reasons:

  1. It takes too much money. I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a business.
  2. It takes too much time. I don’t want to work eighty hours a week, seven days a week to get my business going.
  3. Its too risky. Over 80 percent of all businesses fail in the first two years.
  4. I don’t know how. I’ve never taken any business courses. I don’t know anything about taxes, accounting or marketing.

I can assure you, if your prospects are not currently operating their own business, they have considered the possibility at some time in their lives. They have also determined the reasons why they cant (probably all four reasons). Therefore, before you even start to offer your MLM opportunity, you might want to dispel, as much as possible, these beliefs about why they cant go into business for themselves.

Lets say you are having lunch with your friends and you causally mention the fact that you are thinking about starting your own business. Then you ask if they have ever considered it.

Sure, they have considered it at some time or another.

They will inevitably respond with one or more of the previous four reasons. Now comes the fun part. You ask them if they would ever consider going into business for themselves if:

-the total start up cost were under five hundered dollars and the income potential were higher than the earnings of some CEO’s.

- the total time investment could be as little as ten to twenty hours a week.

- they could continue to work in their present job until the income from their business was sufficient to earn them at least an equal income so there is little risk.

- there were numerous consultants available to them who are experts at running this business – who would train and advise them personally – for an unlimited number of hours, for the life of their business, absolutely free.

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