Ground floor or momentum?

by admin on October 25, 2010

MLM Marketing: When’s the best time to get in? one of the many controversies surrounding MLM theory is determining the optimum time to get involved with an opportunity pre-launch, ground floor, right before or just after the momentum phase begins or after the company growth stabilizes or matures.

Ground floor opportunity
There are pro’s and cons to each argument. The major problem with getting involved with a pre-launch or “ground floor” opportunity is that they are usually no more than one story high. Most start up MLMs are long gone before the ink on their brochures dry. This failure rate seems to be dropping slightly, but even if it matches that of conventional start up businesses, it’ll still be a staggering 85% in the first two years.
Another drawback to start up operations is the lack of a sophisticated support base. When you try to go up line to get advice and support from those already successful in the business, you may hit the president of the company just two levels above you. MLM Marketing.

The flip side of course is that eventually you could end up at the tippy top of a huge organization if your company happens to become one of the survivors. But with anything you get out of it what you put in, you’ll still have to put in the time and effort.

Momentum opportunity
The momentum phase is when name recognition starts to kick in and the geometric expansion of the organization starts to explode. Some say the best time to get in world be right before this momentum stage hits. But alas, that would require a crystal ball. The time when a company is about to go into momentum is totally speculative.

How about right after momentum hits? Some will say that’s too late. It may appear to be true since a good indicator of when a company is in momentum is when everybody seems to be doing it.

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