Handling Disappointment

by admin on October 13, 2010

MLM Marketing: Disappointment is a thief! Disappointment steals our ability to act on our plans. Disappointment steals our ability to act with courage. Disappointment steals our peace of mind, leaving only heartache. Disappointment steals our freedom, our health, our dignity and our dreams.

And disappointment patiently waits for us all. It waits to wreck havoc on us when we are unprepared and when we are most vulnerable.

Disappointment is a sneak-thief. MLM Marketing

Have a heart
When the thief strikes, we become discouraged. We search for strength, we “feel sick”. The phrase: “the hearts gone out of him”, seems to describe all too well how we are feeling

How do we get our courage back? With action.

Action imprisons disappointment. The thief is banished from the present and sentenced to silence in the past, behind us, where we want it.

Courage doesn’t come from whistling in the dark like a school boy passing a graveyard on a dark, cold night. Courage comes from taking action. How to act is the most important issue to address when ridding ourselves of disappointment. And rid ourselves we must. If we try to “deal” with disappointment, we keep it alive. We keep it in the present. We get all tangled up with the emotional and mental problems that disappointment uses to immobilize us. MLM Marketing.

So we don’t want to “deal” with disappointment. We want to have the strength, the heart – the courage – to act in the most appropriate manner, to replace disappointment with satisfaction.
Retarget the goal

The most important action we can take is to determine our present position. Where are we as opposed to where we want to be? Where do we need to be? How much of a detour from our most direct route to the objective are we on?

It is the size and direction of this “direct line gap” that we have to determine in order to plan the actions that we have to take in order to get back “on target”. In computing the detour (the nature of our unwelcome position), it is necessary to answer basic questions about the factors we must bring into play to get us back to where we want to be.

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