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by admin on October 12, 2010

MLM Marketing: There’s an old salesman’s adage that goes: “twenty, twelve, two”. Out of twenty sales calls, you’ll get about twelve appointments (people taking a look) and make an average of two sales. The more people you talk to the more who’ll take a look, and the more who’ll get involved.

If you were to call up strangers from your local telephone book and ask them to take a look at your opportunity, how many would do that? If you were to call up family and friends and ask them to take a look at your opportunity, how many would do that? For immediate results, first contact people you already know just for a look. One effective way I’ve found to approach people goes something like this: “you know I’ve been looking for ways to diversify my income. I want to have a richer, more rewarding life. I want more freedom, more time to do what I want, and more money. From all the research I’ve done, I think network marketing is the best opportunity for me. You know what? The biggest problem I’ve found in getting started in the business is other peoples perceptions. Everybody seems to have a strong opinion about what this business is really about. I’ve seen how it can work for me. I think it can work for you, too. Would you be willing to check out some information about network marketing if I set it to you”? MLM Marketing.

The goal at this point is to have people agree to take a look. That’s your only job. Your job is not to “get them into the business”. That’s their job. Yours is to have them take a look. Then the attractiveness of your opportunity, the value of your products, your enthusiasm, and their ability to see themselves reaching the goals they want through your opportunity takes over. You can help the process along by letting them have the best tools and sharing your own excitement and passion, but its their choice.

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