Multilevel Marketing Scam Investigated

by admin on June 14, 2011

Najma Sheikh of India was recently arrested for falsely running a business as well as numerous other fraud charges. This truly is a shame as she was promising around 28,000 people products that were much below market value that would have been expected. The multilevel marketing scam entrapped all of the people through the lure of easy money as well as good product that would sell extremely well and with ease. This is damaging information to other multilevel marketing companies out there that work the right way and take care of their representatives. Unfortunately when people often times hear of multilevel marketing these are the types of stories that they are reminded of that undermines the legitimacy of the enterprise. While in reality 99% of the multilevel marketing companies out there today are legitimate businesses that offer excellent training, services and products. Unfortunately it is this one percent like many other bad apples that gives certain things their name, and drags down the good names of other companies. The company itself promised product to some 4,000 people that never received it, yet she had taken money from. The money was either kept or dispersed to others within the company. This type of advantageous dealings should not be tolerated, and should be dealt with swiftly and severely, as it gives the entire industry of honest multilevel marketing companies a bad name. These prospects of money are what take people by surprise, and always remember if you want to know if a multilevel marketing company is legitimate simply do a search online, and you can often times get the truth with not much effort at all.

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