The principle of MLM network marketing

by admin on January 14, 2012

The principle of MLM network marketing is to become successful by helping other people to succeed. A mutual benefit for both. In a conventional business, if you are getting promoted then your friends will be under your position. For example if the director in your company is retired while you and some friends of yours are the candidates. When you are chosen as the new director, your position is higher than your friends and only your salary will be upgraded. In MLM network marketing, it works the different way. If you help your MLM network marketing friends, you and your network will all be upgraded in position and income. You can approach many of the friends & share compensation program with them, as well as talk about the leverage, freedom as well as residual income.” Soon I actually ran out of friends & relatives in warm market of prospect.

Thus, my MLM network marketing upline said, ”Let us go to malls & prospect many passers by like you can. You can find yourself the superstar down line, and talk about the leverage, residual income and time freedom. Being naïve & thinking I had completely understood this business I dived on ideas I was actually given. Results were horrible. In case, you have done the surveys in the public places earlier I am sure you can know. I have not mention a part about calling it. Obviously, I was not satisfied & definitely was not ready to admit the defeat.

I took this term leverage & thought of this beyond the compensation plans as well as how much money I can earn in case, I had leverage. Here is where I actually realized that many distributors talking about the leverage do not actually know what is on earth they are blabbering about. And you see, the leverage is not only about money you are going to make as the network marketer. You can think beyond this MLM network marketing residual income to core of an idea.


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