MLM Network Marketing – Concept Of Multi Level Marketing

by admin on September 29, 2012

Several years before concept of the MLM Network Marketing was developed to decrease paid sales force for the MLM network marketing companies who wanted to increase the bottom line. In place they opted to give the “commission” sales force for selling the products without obligatory insurance as well as other Human Resources essentials. In modern MLM’s, firms are giving various benefits, which include the paid vacations or insurance and health insurance and many more. In case, you aren’t working and will spend ten hours every week meeting people & meeting their requirements, then MLM Network Marketing is made for you. Here are a few advantages:

  • Work your hours
  • Make little money you want
  • Make use of your products and service at discounted price for you
  • Compound leverage just by building the network in you as the team.
  • You will have your company and enjoy the tax benefits.


There are some drawbacks to the opportunity:

1)   No sales and no pay

2)   Takes a little of effort being successful

3)   Training time is longer than you want

Like you may see, it isn’t for everybody. However, in case, you want the challenge and old people this type of challenge, this is for you. I can’t suggest any of the opportunities to you as there are plenty now. However, follow the guidelines in case, you will pursue the avenue:

1)   Investigate opportunity THOROUGHLY & ask plenty of questions.

2)   Check out with Better Business Bureau & Consumer Affairs section to ensure company is on up.

3)   Get the referral lists and talk to others that ho are involved with company & ask how they will do.

The tradition marketing coaching will ask you make up the list of 200 and more names. From this list you are expected to contact these people on it & invite them to hotel presentations and conference call presentations. When the list is exhausted then they find out themselves floundering to add the people to promote the business. This is uncomfortable for many people as it means talking to the strangers.

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